More Catherine Gaskin ebooks to be published

The Property of a Gentleman Catherine Gaskin

I am very pleased to say that further novels by Catherine Gaskin will be published by Wyndham Books in exclusive, new ebook editions this year.

Wyndham Books has already published digital editions of ten of Catherine Gaskin’s titles, and the remaining eight will be released in 2019 and early 2020.

It is a great honour to be the digital publisher of the “Queen of Storytellers” and a source of real pleasure to see the ebooks perform well worldwide. Most of the Catherine Gaskin reissues have reached No. 1 in their categories on Amazon, and introduced her work to a new generation of readers.

Catherine was once quoted as saying that she was resigned to becoming obsolete in her own lifetime. I’m delighted that this proved not to be the case and that her stories are still loved and appreciated around the world.

The Property of a Gentleman by Catherine Gaskin is one of my favourite books, and was one of the first titles to be published by my imprint, so I have a particular fondness for it.