E-publishing workshops

Ebook workshops

Everything you need to know about publishing and marketing ebooks.

I very much enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge of publishing. I have first hand experience of building a successful publishing company from scratch, and surviving and thriving in an increasingly competitive marketplace for the past seven years.

My two imprints, Corazon Books and Wyndham Books, have published over 100 titles, with bestsellers in the US, UK and Australia, and total sales of half a million copies.

I am a frequent speaker and workshop leader on ebook publishing for the Society of Authors, the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Historical Novel Society, and regularly speak at universities and writing groups around the UK.

My ebook publishing workshops are aimed at authors who are considering independently publishing their work (either new titles or reissuing backlists).

I also offer workshops on book marketing which are equally relevant and useful for ebook and print books.

The sessions are tailored to each author’s specific requirements, and can include topics such as:

1) Why independently publish your books as ebooks?
Reasons for independently publishing your book as an ebook rather than trying to get a traditional book deal.

2) Are you the right person to publish your work as ebooks?
What qualities and skills you need to be successful at publishing ebooks.

3) Is your book suitable for publishing as an ebook?

4) Publishing options
Sales channels for your ebook.

5) Preparing your manuscript
Includes editing, proof reading, formatting, cover design and pricing.

6) Publishing your ebook
How to publish your ebook via Amazon, Apple and Kobo.

7) Marketing your book
Includes blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Marketing Services, Book Bub, getting reviews for your books, coverage online and in traditional media.

Please contact me today for further details.