Commemorating the birthplace of Naomi Jacob

I was very pleased to attend the unveiling of a special plaque to commemorate the birthplace of author Naomi Jacob, in the beautiful city of Ripon, in North Yorkshire.

The plaque was arranged by the Ripon Civic Society to honour the writer’s connection to their city.

I joined members of the Society, three generations of Naomi Jacob’s family, and BBC radio DJ Johnnie Walker and his wife Tigggy, at 20 High St Agnesgate in Ripon, where “Mickie” as she was known to family and friends, was born in 1884.

Wyndham Books has reissued some of Naomi Jacob’s best-loved novels as ebooks in recent years. A film version of her novel “Antonia” is currently in the works, produced by Tiggy Walker.

Tony Atcheson, Naomi Jacob’s great-nephew, who lived in Italy with her as a young child, said she was: “Very much ahead of her time, she was a strong character who forged her own success with little support in an era when women were not afforded the same opportunities.”

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